Fasting as natural cleanse for your body

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Fasting is a period when one voluntarily renounces food. It is a natural cleansing of the body, which can be done in partialy or completly, depending on what we feel most for. Whatever will you choose, I will try to give you several advices to make fasting not a suffering for you but a pleasant cleanse that you will look forward to do.

Why is it good to fast?

There are many methods to maintain health. Some are pleasant, others less. No matter how fasting sounds to you, believe, that it is one of the most natural and easiest cleansing that you can indulge in your body.

The human body can cleanse itself of toxins by disease or fasting. The choice is up to each of us.

An incredible number of processes happen in the body during fasting. Stomach and intestines will relax and all excretory organs have time to process the accumulated toxins. By fasting, you can cure virtually all diseases just by allowing the body to activate its own healing processes. If you fast correctly, I believe you will achieve the success you desire.

Sounds good, let’s do it!

I won’t tell you that the journey will be easy. But I’ll give you one trick to make it easier.

Start your fasting in the evening.
Feel free to start at night if you can not stop eating during the day. There are several preparation methods that will prepare you for fasting gradually, but from my experiences it is just enough to start the evening.

The reason is that no matter how you eat unhealthily before, your stomach will have time to recover by morning. Therefore, if you get up in the morning, ideally with sunrise, you will already have 8-12 hours of fasting. Of course, your task will be to last it until evening. If you last until you had the last meal, you will have a 24-hour fast. This is a great victory! ..and even bigger if you fasted for the first time!!

So, the evening came. You may be a bit hungry, but definitely more excited about your success. If you now go to bed instead of eating, you will have 8-12 hours more fasting tomorrow morning! ..and that is a success. Just lie down.

The same ritual awaits you in the morning, do not eat until evening. Encouraged by the success of the first day, you will surely manage it. It would be a shame to throw away one day of fasting when your body just started to cleanse. You will fall asleep in the evening and morning we have the third day of fasting!

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Types of fasting

  • A one-day fast is a great relief for the body. In my opinion, it should be done as often as one feels. In case of irritated stomach or overeating it is an excellent choice.
  • A three-day fast helps to establish a natural balance in the body, reduces stomach, cleanses the intestines and relieves the body overall. I recommend this fast when cleaning the body.
  • Multi-day, weekly, or monthly fasts are a relief for a very clogged body, which virtually nothing can replace. However, there is a need for practice and, above all, mental attunement.

Can’t I hurt myself by doing fasting?

Scientifically, man can survive without food for 5 days, but that is the case when he has no food with him. His psyche is broken by the fact that he no longer has hope.

However, fasting is different, a person is surrounded by food but gives up voluntarily. That is the difference that is needed for the psyche.

Dedicate quiet days for your fasting. Physical activity is greatly appropriate, but only one that you can interrupt at any time .

My first fast lasted for a week, and during that time I had so much energy that I decided to work on construction. But it was just a help and I knew very well that I could freely interrupt and relax at any time if I didn’t feel well.

It is of utmost importance to maintain excellent psychological well-being. During the fast, many toxins are washed out, from which severe depression can come. For this reason, physical activity is necessary, but everything in moderation. Indeed, we usually has a greater desire to succumb to food at home close to the refrigerator than somewhere outside during active day.

What I can eat, drink

Eat nothing. However, it is very necessary to drink! It is exactly the water that will release toxins from your body. Therefore, supply yourself with quality and clean water, at least 5 liters a day!

You can mix lemon or other fruits into the water, but just a little. Just enough to do not make your stomach start working again and make juices. Those juices will then make you hungry and eventually break your fast.

However, I recommend adding lemon or lime. The taste pleasant and it will only help your body to cleanse. While the lemon is acidic, it changes to alkaline in the body, helping to neutralize acidic toxins and thus balancing the body’s acid-base balance.

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The course of fasting

On the first day, the body still processes the accumulated food residue. If you are fasting yourself for the first time, this might be good time to learn about your body. However, it does not significantly disturb the body’s natural rithm, so there is nothing to worry about.

The next day, the body already knows that it is serious and if the mental attitude is positive and one knows that it does it voluntarily, the body begins with cleansing. First toxins are secreted. The body is lightened.

On day three, the same thing happens as on day two, but more intense. The feeling of hunger slowly subsides.

Fourth day. The feeling of hunger is slowly disappearing. The body begins to burn up accumulated fats, acidic toxins, and then eliminates them.

On the fifth day the same thing happens, only to a greater extent. The feeling of hunger is disappearing. One feels more energy, more receptive, does not need so much sleep. There is a feeling of lightness and freedom.

How to go back?

Start with fruit. Small amounts but often. The first meal is a good piece of banana or apple and after half an hour again. The aroma and taste will be unique!

Fasting is also an ideal stepping stone to the transition to live (raw) food.

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Fasting and weight loss

Do not try to lose weight by fasting!

Even if you after a few days succeed, the effect will not last long. To lose weight by fasting is to be abusive to yourself and that is not the right approach. By fasting, however, you can adjust your eating habits to gradually and naturally lose weight. Fast weight loss is only possible if you know what you are doing. A few months before fasting, you regularly exercise and keep your body active. Otherwise, spine problems and the like may occur.

Best, most natural way of losing weight happen when you change your eating habits, add fresh air movement, but most important, you’ll love yourself.

In conclusion

No matter how will your fasting last, it will only be a positive cleansing for your body. Do not forget to increase your drinking regime and watch the reactions you get from your body. You may sometimes be more tired or very active. These are all normal processes that belong to this. Don’t push on yourself and your borders push slowly. The result will be very positive!

Fingers crossed!

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